The Full Monty


Being whole.

Not just in a linear way.

Not just your past, present and future.

But three dimensionally whole.

North, South, East and West.

North by North West,

South, South East –

Directionally whole.

Which ever way you look,

Where ever you turn.

Fractionally whole.

No lost pieces.

No dead ends.

No missing links.

The Full Monty.

The whole enchilada.

So Connected

mandala 1

We are so connected.

By high tensile twisted steel.

Heart to Heart.

Like George and Mildred.

We cannot fade.

We have not aged.

We blossom.

Our love is blooming.

For other people

My heart is only on loan.

Because it is all yours.


Fully yours.

Only for you.


image 1border

A change is as good as a rest – apparently!

And if you’re looking for it,  it’s all around you.

Although it may seem elusive at times.

Sometimes you have to look very closely

And it still  may just seem like a pile of crap in the corner.

Give it a poke.

I was aiming at  a complete transformation.

However,  I became distracted.

And instead we have some marked improvements for the better!

This is not so bad as I started from the inside

And was working my way out.

Inside I am amazingly different!

Renewed, refreshed, revitalized.


Now Then!




Everything is as it should be.

Why worry?

Deep down you KNOW everything.

You know why you made those choices.

You know where to go to next.

You even know what’s on the cards, so to speak.

So why worry?

Give it up.

I keep telling you to be calm and I really mean it!

All in good time.

In moments!

With the next breath you draw!

It happens as you move along.

Every thought and lung full of air is part of it.

You cannot live your whole future now.

Because your life is like an ever-increasing cell.

Each multiplication informs the final organism

But does not show us the final product,

Even though it is a vital part of the finished item.

So why worry?

You may end up as an ear, or a finger, or even a single cell on a retina!

And even then, when you feel your growth is complete,

What things might you hear, or touch, or see?

What will your influence be?

So, don’t worry about the future.

Think about your influence now.

Because that is what you really have.


Come into the garden

Come into the garden and watch the flowers bloom.

Each movement and millimeter of growth runs before

Your eyes like time-lapse photography.

You can lay your head back and see the stars

as they follow their cosmic path.

You feel like you’ve been waiting for far too long.

But if you only knew it, you’ve been here for eons.

So are these last few moments too hard to bear?

Is it so hard to relax in my arms and enjoy this time of peace?

Soon you will get your wings, your freedom.

You will launch yourself from the top of the tallest tree

And feel the weight lift from your chest.

But for the moment lets just sit in the garden and watch the flowers bloom.

Oops! Rumba!

Light is Power
and the Power is Love.

Imagine you split your body
into millions of shimmering particles of light.

You are still you
but pared down into the smallest possible atoms.
Millions and millions of vibrating, shining, reflective pixels.

Mega you!
Spread out evenly within a perfect oval.

Imagine, if you can,
this ultra you, centre stage!

No inhibitions, no doubts.
The spot lights are on.

Look at what you become!
A spinning disco ball of flashing lights!

With the power on, you are a dancing queen!
No corner is safe from your moves.

And who wants a Two-step
when they could have a

All Appears The Same


You amaze me!
What made you so versatile?
Where did you get your strength?
What makes you keep on fighting
Even though your plan changes?
You adapt!

But, you know, you don’t float
Through life at random.
You have this chance?
A one and only in your lifetime.
A moment of power.
A pivotal second
Which can change everything!
Put you in the right place,
On the right path.

It’s not complicated.
All appears the same.
The difference minute.
But the ripples…
The ripples are immense!