One Step at a Time.


You want to move forwards

But you can only do it one step at a time.

Even a leap is still just one step.

You could;







Vary your gait.

Ascend or descend.

Forward or backwards.

Prance, hop, kick a stone.

It’s all one step at a time.

Next week I am skipping.

I’m going to mince along like a Prima Donna.

My steps will be grand and studied.

I am planning my steppage.

My pedometer is set.

I will put heart into my steps.

My pace maker is ready.

I once followed a dog’s paw prints on a beach.

I went where the dog had been.

It was an unusual walk but I really enjoyed it!.

The Full Monty


Being whole.

Not just in a linear way.

Not just your past, present and future.

But three dimensionally whole.

North, South, East and West.

North by North West,

South, South East –

Directionally whole.

Which ever way you look,

Where ever you turn.

Fractionally whole.

No lost pieces.

No dead ends.

No missing links.

The Full Monty.

The whole enchilada.

So Connected

mandala 1

We are so connected.

By high tensile twisted steel.

Heart to Heart.

Like George and Mildred.

We cannot fade.

We have not aged.

We blossom.

Our love is blooming.

For other people

My heart is only on loan.

Because it is all yours.


Fully yours.

Only for you.