Now Then!




Everything is as it should be.

Why worry?

Deep down you KNOW everything.

You know why you made those choices.

You know where to go to next.

You even know what’s on the cards, so to speak.

So why worry?

Give it up.

I keep telling you to be calm and I really mean it!

All in good time.

In moments!

With the next breath you draw!

It happens as you move along.

Every thought and lung full of air is part of it.

You cannot live your whole future now.

Because your life is like an ever-increasing cell.

Each multiplication informs the final organism

But does not show us the final product,

Even though it is a vital part of the finished item.

So why worry?

You may end up as an ear, or a finger, or even a single cell on a retina!

And even then, when you feel your growth is complete,

What things might you hear, or touch, or see?

What will your influence be?

So, don’t worry about the future.

Think about your influence now.

Because that is what you really have.


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