All Appears The Same


You amaze me!
What made you so versatile?
Where did you get your strength?
What makes you keep on fighting
Even though your plan changes?
You adapt!

But, you know, you don’t float
Through life at random.
You have this chance?
A one and only in your lifetime.
A moment of power.
A pivotal second
Which can change everything!
Put you in the right place,
On the right path.

It’s not complicated.
All appears the same.
The difference minute.
But the ripples…
The ripples are immense!

Hello Gorgeous!

To me you are pure beauty.

At your best or at your worst.

To me you shine the brightest.

Ignore the skin and bone.

Get right down to the core.

The nitty gritty!

Who you REALLY are!

That’s who I love.

I don’t care what you said.

I don’t care what you did.

It’s just not enough to stop me loving YOU!

To me you are beautiful.

I see the light beneath your skin.

Your emotions dancing

Like reflections on water.

I can look into your eyes

but I would rather see into your heart.

To me you are an open book that

I love to read again and again.

You are not too complex.

You are not so hard to understand.

And if you were…..

Then you would be worth the effort!

Because you are just so very beautiful

To me.

There is nothing I could compare you to.

No words could ever do you justice.

Just accept it, please!


Like rivers of silk

You move the air as you walk along

and my love flies behind

like rivers of silk.

And as you pass by

each person feels

its soft caress.

The touch of silk against the skin.

A touch of warmth and empathy

gliding over a cheek.

The feeling is barely there

and yet it warms

the atmosphere.

As you move through your day remember

my love flowing behind you,

like a river of silk.