Coming together as a cohesive wholeness.
Living together as a single pulsing life form.
Sharing the pain, the decisions, the outcome.
You have already made this choice!
The die is already cast!

And no matter what the journey,
The end will always be the same.
We all start in the same place!
So what did you do this time?
Did you put you head down and forge ahead?

Did you gather friends as you sauntered along?
Did you pause at all on your way?
Were you sure of your path,
or were the detours too much to resist?
Did you put you hand in your pocket at all?

Did you notice the map?
Did you use the compass?
Did you find the instructions?
Did you even bother to turn on your Sat Nav?
It was all set for you! And I think you would recognise the voice!

But not to worry! It’s all still in there!
And no one ever said that Off Piste wasn’t allowed!
Turn it on!
Look at the route you’ve travelled.
Look how far you have come!

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