Look Behind

Look behind.
Do not always look for the obvious.
The obvious is what you always see.
Behind this there is more meaning.
More to understand.
More than you realise.
Must you insist on hiding your eyes and blocking your ears?

Knowledge is power!
The key to understanding!
Surely you’ve worked it out?
What you see is definitely not what you get.
Not in this life anyway.
Perhaps in the next?
Perhaps this experience will make a more vivid impression?

Stand back.
Look at your life as if from far away.
Don’t fixate on one leaf!
Look at the whole tree!
If you get bogged down in each minuscule detail,
You will never see the bigger picture.
Look at the whole complex experience and embrace what you see.

What would you do
if you found yourself on your last chance?
There’s no where to run!
You cannot hide!
Who would you run to for help?
Who would it be?
Who would be your saviour?

2 thoughts on “Look Behind

  1. Hiya Chetna! It’s about A4 size-ish i think. Of course i would like to sell it – no idea about price off the top of my head though. Will have to think and that’s always hard for me!

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