A Beautiful Love

I remember.
It was a beautiful day when
you gave your love to me.

For me that precious memory is crystal clear.
I recall it with precision.
The joy I felt is still fresh in my heart.

What a gift!
What tender tears I cried
when I knew you returned my love!

I felt like a newly washed spring morning.
Refreshed after the rain.
Singing out my happiness with the birds.

You changed everything for me,
when you opened up your heart
and let me step inside.

I was not whole without you.
There was a raw patch on my soul
that only you could soothe.

So lets walk on together.
Hand in hand!
Side by side!

Because I’m never giving it back!
Your love is now mine.
We will have to love in tandem!

Forever Yours

I feel so much joy at being alive.
To hold you in my arms.
To sit you on my knee.
To feel you grow.
To watch you change.
To share your thoughts and witness your dreams.

What a privilege.
That you should have chosen me
above all others!
The most precious gift.
What an honour to be held so close to your heart.

I will never forget.
You will never leave my thoughts.
This love is unconditional
and only grows stronger over time.
It would be impossible for you to ever disappoint me.

You are the picture of perfection just as you are!
You are my child.
You are my love.
Nothing can ever replace you.
This place in my heart is forever yours.


Today the sun seems brighter

because this is a new dawn.

The light is changing.

Orange fading as yellow and white fill the sky.

There is an air of anticipation!

What we are waiting for

is coming over the horizon.

Feel the force of energy.

That is the essence of peace.

But before that comes the storm.

It will clear the air.

Wash the grassy lands

and dilute this pollution.

My arm is around your shoulder.

Stay with me on this higher ground.

There is no need to be afraid because

I have a cunning plan!


Coming together as a cohesive wholeness.
Living together as a single pulsing life form.
Sharing the pain, the decisions, the outcome.
You have already made this choice!
The die is already cast!

And no matter what the journey,
The end will always be the same.
We all start in the same place!
So what did you do this time?
Did you put you head down and forge ahead?

Did you gather friends as you sauntered along?
Did you pause at all on your way?
Were you sure of your path,
or were the detours too much to resist?
Did you put you hand in your pocket at all?

Did you notice the map?
Did you use the compass?
Did you find the instructions?
Did you even bother to turn on your Sat Nav?
It was all set for you! And I think you would recognise the voice!

But not to worry! It’s all still in there!
And no one ever said that Off Piste wasn’t allowed!
Turn it on!
Look at the route you’ve travelled.
Look how far you have come!

Look Behind

Look behind.
Do not always look for the obvious.
The obvious is what you always see.
Behind this there is more meaning.
More to understand.
More than you realise.
Must you insist on hiding your eyes and blocking your ears?

Knowledge is power!
The key to understanding!
Surely you’ve worked it out?
What you see is definitely not what you get.
Not in this life anyway.
Perhaps in the next?
Perhaps this experience will make a more vivid impression?

Stand back.
Look at your life as if from far away.
Don’t fixate on one leaf!
Look at the whole tree!
If you get bogged down in each minuscule detail,
You will never see the bigger picture.
Look at the whole complex experience and embrace what you see.

What would you do
if you found yourself on your last chance?
There’s no where to run!
You cannot hide!
Who would you run to for help?
Who would it be?
Who would be your saviour?


Because I am coming.
I’m coming now.
Put your attention upon me.
Nothing else will matter.
When you see me,
I will be all you see.
I will be the colour of love.
The tallest trees will bend.
The rivers will change their courses.
In the middle I will be there.
A solid rock to stand upon as the sand shifts.
You are going to be afraid but stand firm.
My hand will be on your shoulder.
I do not blame you.
I love you through it all.
Hold my hand now and in you hour of need you will still feel it there.
Worry not.
All is planned.
All are protected.
I need your strength and your love.
Together we can save our world.
You are the key that opens the door to love.
And that is all we will need!