Hold onto love like a precious diamond.
Cradle it in the hollow of your palms.
Wrap your body around it like a womb
And surround it with the softest silk.

Bathe it in sunlight.
Clean it with the purest water
From the top of the highest mountain.
Dry it with the breath of hope.

Nurture your love like the smallest child.
Watch it grow with the obsession of a new parent.
Feed it with your purest emotion
And watch it grow.

Hold your love up high in the strongest wind.
Let it go and watch it spread like the seeds of the rarest plant.

Wait through the seasons for it to grow and
On the right day you will look out of your window.
That bare field of grass will be a meadow and
Each wild flower will be a jewel from your heart.

Like a sea of poppies
your love will transform the landscape.
The perfume of love will be the air you breathe
and the touch of love in the petals as you brush your fingers by.

So, hold onto your love because it is a precious diamond.

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