Feel, as you centre, my loving arms flex to draw you in.
The whisper of my spirit sliding over your cheek,

Like hot air on a humid day.

Feel my presence in your life at this very moment.
You cannot see the fire of the hot,orange sun,
But you feel the heat on your skin as
You turn your face towards it.

Bask in my glow.
Feel my heat.
Wake up from your slumber and live your life,
As we planned it together long ago.
The time is now.

Savour this great love.
It is my gift to you.
It will nourish you and protect you.
It will keep you safe,
Like a baby wrapped in the warmest lambs wool.
It will keep away the cold hardness of those who cannot love.

For you are precious to me.
You are the one I hold dear
You are closest to to my heart.
You are the one.

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