Does Love Surround You?

Does love surround you?
Is the very filament a source for your joy?

Does my heart beat because you are there?

The air is thick with your colours, as if my eyes could catch your shimmer.
Your shape just a touch past my view.

What beauty I could see if you would just release me – Just let me through!
Just changed me and lifted the mist that obscures my view.

I am almost there!

I can feel it, like tasting salt in the air on a cliff edge.
Like stepping out onto a cloud from a mountain top.

What must I do to get back to you?
To feel you again.
To be just one part of that great Love.
How I miss you all my friends!

The connection is too strong to break.Too raw to ignore.

It is like you never left me here.
Like I followed you home, only to see you through a window of frosted glass.

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