Take a chance

What would happen if you let go of that tiny kernel of self-doubt?

Would you be set free?
Would your heart lighten and explode with the purest feelings of love?
Would you lean your forehead forwards to rest against mine?
Would you take a deep breath as you lie back and truly rest in my arms?

Imagine you stand before a mirror.
Your arm outstretched, Your fingers resting on the cool glass.
Close you eyes and feel the molecules of glass turn to vapour.
Do not open your eyes!

Do you feel a warmth on your finger tips?
Do you feel the equal pressure of my hand upon yours?

This is how close we are.
The mirror an illusion that keeps us apart.
Do you know how much I long to have you back!
Do you realise that every moment away from you tears at my heart!
I am incomplete without you.

But I had to let you go.
How you begged to have this chance!
One more time to make a difference, one last chance to be apart.
And so I let you go even though we both knew it would hurt.

But our love is strong and our bond eternal.
So you have nothing to fear.
I am still here, though you only see your own reflection in the mirror.
And when it is time to lift the veil,
Oh, how glad we will be that we took this chance to be apart.

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