As I walk by…..

Did you feel it, as I walked by?

A fleeting warmth on your cheek?

The fine hair around your ear tickling your skin?

The deep breath you took as if to draw me in?

When your eyes closed, did you see my light through your lids?

Did you hear the rustle of my clothes, like leaves in a breeze?

Did you hear my sigh, like wheels in the rain?

Will you Focus, while I pass by again?

Did you feel it, as I walked by?

The lightning of the air, as if your heart was lifted?

A tremble in the atmosphere?

Did you notice your worries just drain and disappear?

Can you feel it, as I stand here?

My hands on your shoulders, my breath in your hair?

Can you feel me sooth your spirit, like a shiver in your spine?

Feel it because I am here and you are mine!